in the heart of barcelona

  Right in the heart of Barcelona, in Barrio Gótico, lies Plaça de Sant Felip Neri – a magical little square that (luckily) remains largely hidden from most tourists in the city. It holds the memory of the not-so-distant turbulent past and I often found myself going there when I needed some time “off”. The …


During the Festival La Mercè in Barcelona, each year Plaça Sant Jaume is filled to the brim with thousands of locals and tourists alike, waiting to see the spectacle that is the castellers (in Catalan, castell means human tower). You know, I’m no stranger to doing crazy, adrenaline-pumping things, but this is a whole other …

chillin’ with my p-words

The song has little to do with the photo – I’ve just been listening to it for a while now and felt like sharing it, but couldn’t think of a better connection than the awesome pigeon hideout I stumbled upon when walking around Barrio Gotico.    

purple sky

  This is how Barcelona saw us off last week… truly a perfect color 😉   There were still surfers in the water… in late November!   It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s… both 🙂