Hi, my name is Hristo and I’m an avid traveler and adventurer who loves taking photos and often keeps his faithful DSLR at his side when exploring. It recently occurred to me that this passion most likely developed at a very early age (back when regular film was the only available option) under the influence of my dad who has always had an eye for photography. My first attempts were with his old-school Zenit (a true classic!) and several point-and-shooters, but in reality it wasn’t until the digital age came that I picked up the camera in a slightly more serious fashion.

I’m by no means a professional photographer, nor do I strive to be one at this point, but I’ve picked up a trick or two along the way and have acquired an eagerness to get better at it. I started the blog as a creative outlet and a way to share the interesting experiences I’ve been lucky enough to ‘collect’ and capture, but it’s become an important part of my life and encourages me to keep improving.

Please, feel free to let me know what you think, comments are always appreciated!



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