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Postiljonen – Atlantis

One of communist Bulgaria’s most famous remnants is the Buzludzha monument, sitting atop the historical namesake peak. The UFO shaped building, opened in 1981, is little more than a ruin nowadays, but it still attracts thousands of people with its unusual architecture, unique location, and the symbol it’s become to how we handle our past. That’s how it looks from afar and below is the view from up close.


I tend to agree with that one. It’s a shame it’s been left to deteriorate (by the democrats of the 90s who decided to distance themselves from the past) and little has been done to preserve the heritage, it could be such an incredible museum for instance. There are ideas and plans to restore it, but let’s see how far they go. Technically you’re not supposed to go in, but there’s ways to get around that…


The main atrium… what a spot!


Imagine the party meetings these guys must have had back in the day. When you’re standing right at the very center of the atrium, there is an incredible echo even with half the roof gone.


Mosaics. That left head was removed on purpose, obviously. There are more around the main hall.


The hammer and sickle symbol, alongside which it more or less says “Workers of the world, unite!” Class.


Which of course some graffiti masters have mocked 🙂


The big side windows give you an amazing 360-degree view. The windmills add a nice “old vs new” touch.


But if you really want to make things more fun, you have to go up the tower (better seen from this angle) 🙂 It’s not the most pleasant of trips given that for the majority of the 10-15 stories it’s quite claustrophobic, pitch dark (having a headlamp is a must, holding a phone won’t do as you need both your hands), moist, and the metal stairs are near vertical and quite slippery.

But then you reach the huge red star of the tower and you know it was worth it. The red star was three times larger than that at the Kremlin and has been claimed to emit light that could be seen from as far away as Romania in the north, and the Greece in the south. Crazy.


And then there’s this view. It’s unbelievable, the image doesn’t do it justice.


And from the other side. Notice the state of the roof of the main building below.


Tiny people.


Climbing on top of the ledge is a bit daunting, but so worth it.


Layers in late afternoon.


The Shipka monument in the distance. And the reverse view.


This was just a cursory post on this incredible place. If you’re curious to know more, there is plenty of information around the web on it, such as this post that I recommend.

On a side note, the song might seemingly not really fit with the images, but it’s called Atlantis which seemed quite appropriate to me… Also that sax is a killer 😉


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