step outside

Jose Gonzalez – Step Outside

So the weather in Bulgaria has been very foggy lately, including in Sofia, which is actually quite normal for the season. A couple of nights ago, despite feeling absolutely tired after the long day, I decided to get out there and try to see it from above the fog by going up Vitosha mountain. Initially I drove up to this viewing point (called The Hoof, interestingly enough) which is easy to access and gives you a great view of the city. This is what I was rewarded with…


Yep, those are indeed stars over Sofia 🙂


I love how the fog was creeping up the mountains, engulfing half of the houses…


Yet, from that point you can’t see half the city so I decided to take it a step further, continuing on foot and hiking up for an hour to get to the best place to see Sofia — Kamen Del. It was cold, absolutely dark (thankfully I keep a headlamp in my camera bag), windy, very slippery (with lots of falling down) and overall not the most pleasant of experiences when it’s close to 1am and all you could think about was your comfy, warm bed. But man was I happy that I kicked myself to do it when I got to the top 🙂


It was so windy I had to protect the camera from shaking with my body and try a number of times with the long exposure shots to get it right, meaning I was up there for close to an hour. But because the fog was pushing the light down, you could actually see the stars — especially if you turned around to look at the mountain itself — that normally would be hard to discern so it was worth every second 😉


So, moral of the story? Don’t be afraid to step outside of your box / comfort zone. It is almost always worth it!


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