50 moments in berlin, part 1

I’m not sure if I’ve manged to get this point across before, but I love Berlin. Ever since I lived there in 2007, it’s been the only city that makes me feel at home (outisde of Sofia) and I’m not the only person to say that, it’s in the air. There’s just something special about …

purple sky

  This is how Barcelona saw us off last week… truly a perfect color ­čśë   There were still surfers in the water… in late November!   It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s… both ­čÖé      


Perhaps it was the time of year that I was there (early May), but for the majority of time the weather over Madrid seemed on the verge of a major storm (even taking a crazy purple tonality at night). I did get showered on a couple of instances, but all in all it proved to …


According to an old Bulgarian tradition/belief, yesterday marked the beginning of winter… and it was such an unusually hot day (25+ degrees), it reminded me of the last days at the seaside earlier in September. See you soon enough I hope, my friend.              

feeling good

It’s been an exhaustive (yet fun) entrepreneurial weekend, so I’m in a desperate need of some nature time. Thankfully this sunset over Apriltzi (at the foot of the Central Balkan range) always puts a smile on my face, especially knowing that I’ll be going there again in a few days…