According to an old Bulgarian tradition/belief, yesterday marked the beginning of winter… and it was such an unusually hot day (25+ degrees), it reminded me of the last days at the seaside earlier in September.

See you soon enough I hope, my friend.








  • love them…i am totally using at least one of them as a desktop background pic!

    p.s. you need to start putting your signature on your pictures! 🙂

    kiss from NL

    • Tell me which one you like and I’ll send it to you in high-res 😉

      I’ve been thinking about the signature thing… seems a little like I’m taking myself too seriously, no?

      • as long as you don’t put HB Photography Inc. Ltd. or something like that …than no…but also you can use the name of the blog as your signature 🙂 or something very small and classy in the corner 🙂

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