suddenly i wake up in japan

Elliot Root – 10,000

Exactly 3 years ago, we were in Japan and enjoying this fascinating place & culture. It’s not that far back, but given the current circumstances it feels like a different lifetime and almost as a dream (on that note, listen to the song, should help). It’s funny how sometimes you need the perspective of time to really appreciate an experience. That is certainly the case for me with this trip.

As a bit of an anime / manga fan, I often find myself thinking I need to go back and spend a bit more time. Sadly, I haven’t had the chance to do so, but one of the few good things about this coronavirus situation is that you get a bit more time to do things that you never seemed to get around to. I stumbled upon an interesting article on Japan the other day which prompted me to look through the archive and see how much more there is to share.

This post will not follow a narrative, more so just show you 36 new photos from around the country. Hope you enjoy them.

Stay safe!

Tokyo from above… what a city!

Striking a pose, perched on one of the beautiful cherry blossom trees.

Nestled in the green.

Forgotten temples.

The bookshelf junkie in me wishes for this at home… long way to go!

Can’t really say which face I enjoy the most in this 😉

Tuna head leftovers at the incredible Tsukiji fish market in Tokyo. I admit, we didn’t catch the whole spectacle (you basically have to start queueing the night before), but still saw a couple of these giant tunas get sliced up. And then ate sushi. Just perfect 🙂

When your cities as as crammed, I guess you take every opportunity to have some space. Funny though, I bet people now crave the closeness of others, including strangers.

Because why not have a tombstone for Panasonic, made all the more better by the smiley-face-looking-kanji-character just above it? I imagine it’s the big corps just booking the spot for high profile managers, but you have to admit it might look strange to an outsider.

Japanese use of space at its finest.

Typical sight in touristy (and not only!) locations.

I have to say, some of these parks are really, really nice. There’s something about this photo that I just really like, thought I can’t quite put my finger on it..


Picture this completely empty right now… crazy.

There’s something to be said about how traditional Japanese architecture works well with the environment.

Perhaps it’s the fact that I have no idea what it says, but I’ve always found kanji to look cool.

If you want to get to know a culture, look for the small details of daily life. What does this tell you?

He’s actually carrying a mini folding chair to sit on as he naps!

Barrels of sake.

That sure is a strange pose for sleeping, but hey, whatever works for him.

Loved that giant arch. I imagine it must have been even more exciting to see back in the day, almost as a “welcome to the kingdom” doorway.

The only guy to show up with a fancy necklace.

I cannot remember what that was at all, but it was tasty 🙂

Cities in the country are packed.

Every quiet moment you get away from the hustle and bustle should be cherished.

These guys were ahead of the curve — gluten free, vegan AND organic!

Really dude? .: facepalm :.

Little back alleys full of small restaurants and tiny tiny bars.

The renowned Kinkaku-ji (Golden Pavilion) in Kyoto. Quite peaceful, isn’t it?

Wrong! Hundreds, if not thousands, of people pass through these gardens daily.

Don’t you just want to go up and down these stairs for a little while? I do.

Tiny little buddhas.

Old and new.

Japanese modern architecture is no joke.

I have no explanation as to why this tiny (tomb)stone appears to have a silhouette of a man on it. I could take a guess, but regardless, I don’t think I’ve ever seen one like it.

Spending the night at a temple in the Koya region. I took a traditional bath alongside the locals, but that experience I left unphotographed 😉

Hope this was interesting!


  • The item you ate was sea urchin (uni), I was introduced to it as well and unbelievable. The other item I enjoyed was geoduck sashimi.
    Great photos of a create country – what a wonderful ride to have taken.

    • I must say, I’d never heard of the geoduck before… one strange looking clam! 😀 I don’t imagine sushi restaurants in Bulgaria would have them, so I’ll try to remember to ask for it on a future trip. When trips actually resume..

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