the weather on your side

When the weather’s on your side, even a lazy weekend afternoon looks like this. I’ve always had a thing for this view and I find myself here at least once or twice a year.


Seems long abandoned. So many of these old buildings left behind for nature to reclaim.


So is this, one of the biggest symbols of communism in Bulgaria. It’s a damn shame it’s not put to good use, it could be an incredible way to preserve that part of our history instead of sweeping it under the rug.


A few hours later, the sky turned in this lovely shade of pinkish grey.


Sunset shadows.


There’s just something about sunsets over Koprinka, always so incredible.


Botev peak that I climbed later that week. Will post separate photos from that, it’s a fun trek.


It was almost as if someone was purposefully doing these movie-like cliches 🙂


Not a bad way to end the day.


I know I’ve been quite bad with posting lately, busy couple of months. Will try to catch up! 🙂



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