happy 30th anniversary mom and dad!


My parents have been together for 30 years! It sounds crazy just saying it 🙂

To celebrate the joyous occasion, my brother and I decided to do something special and secretly reenact some of our favorite childhood photos that bring back so many great memories. We had a lot of fun in the process and our parents were ecstatic when they saw them alongside the original photos in the beautiful album we put together.

Happy 30th mom & dad! Thank you for the amazing example and inspiration you guys are 🙂

(You should play the song above if you haven’t, it’s a good way to enjoy the photos)













And here’s the final result 🙂




My only concern is that we raised the bar too high for future gifts 😉


27 thoughts

  1. What an amazing gift. I was very moved looking at the then and now photos conscious of so many such occasions with my own children, the passage of time and how proud your parents must be, seeing how you’ve developed and grown from those earlier days. It’s like a testament of approval and appreciation of all the love and dedication. They must be very proud of you as you surely are of them. It’s such a beautiful gift. Please pass on my congratulations to your parents and I congratulate you both on such a fun, thoughtful and loving gift.
    Now, for next year…….;)

  2. First of all congratulations to chicho Harry and lelq Nellie on their exciting anniversary!!! What an achievement..
    What wonderful sons you are to have gone to this much effort, and yes I agree with you, the bar is set so high you will find it hard to top- GOOD LUCK haha 😁!!
    Miss your whole family, what a joy it was seeing those photos- blast fr the past.
    Sending love from Australia x

  3. Bravo! My eyes are filled with tears. If you never gave another gift, this single one could endure another 30 year’s worth. Thank so much for sharing your project, your joy, your precious life. Going to go kiss my kids now. From now on, some goofy kid shots will be worked in to all the others. Cheers, and congrats to your parents.

  4. woah! amazing gift ! you should feel blessed to have all of those pictures as memories.. I don’t think I have that many to try to attempt to reproduce this amazing gift idea! great job!

  5. Страхотен подарък наистина!!!! Явно голям смях е паднал по създаването му 🙂
    Да са живи и здрави родителите ви!!
    Какви опасни снимки има само….стол върху легло 🙂 ….така беше, през 80те години, децата не падаха 🙂
    Щом “(your) only concern is that you raised the bar too high for future gifts” предлагам моята идея за 30тия юбилей на моите родители, а пък може да взема вашата идея на заем за 40тия им празник 🙂
    Преди 4години, за тях направих нещо сходно….книга с писма от всички техни общи близки, всички хора които познават от както са двойка, всички приятели, и дори хора с които са общували за малко, но за които са направили нещо двамата заедно. Много писма получихме и стана весело.
    Вашият подарак ми напомни за това 🙂

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  8. Truly inspiring. It is so rare and precious to see such love and happiness. Such a wonderfully thoughtful gift. well done boys; I’m sure you made you mama proud! 🙂

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