rambo day

This has to be one the most epic surprises ever pulled off!

The video is not what you’d consider typical for my blog as it’s not directly related to travel, but trust me when I say these will likely be the best 20 minutes you’ve spent online this week. Basically, a group of guys decided to throw the best bachelor party for their friend and they went ALL out. It’s beautifully crafted and fun, it’s engaging and thrilling, it’s got excellent storytelling and great cinematography. Seriously, watch it 🙂

Ultimately that’s what life is all about I think — making those meaningful connections and friendships so that one day when you least expect it, the people around you do something incredible simply because they appreciate having you around. And I guess in that respect, it is quite fitting for my (or anyone’s, for that matter) search of balance.


Back with photos from Africa soon…




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