interstellar on earth

Interstellar Soundtrack – Main Theme

I hope by this point many of you would have seen Nolan’s Interstellar, that would save me a whole lot of explanation and make this post easier to understand… In case the answer is no, you really should as it’s an amazing piece of cinema that raises a lot of questions in one’s mind, outside of being a visual delight. And by the way, the “Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night” poem from Dylan Thomas is something I picked up about a year ago and shared a great video on that you should definitely watch — here.

Anyways, back to Earth. I had my Interstellar moment (or a few of them, actually) back in August when I was in Iceland. I already have a few posts on this trip and I’ve said on multiple occasions the scenery was very Moon-like, but now that I’ve seen the movie I stand corrected — it’s a completely different world. Just look and appreciate the size of the mountain and the waterfalls…


Imagine the depth of the gorges that are all around you.


Feel the density of the atmosphere while looking at the melting ice and cloud-engulfed mountains.


Sense how hot the water must be when you see the vapor above it.


Acknowledge the lack of color around… that was one of the most surreal things, to be honest. The fact that unlike magically colorful Africa, this place was quite the opposite.


See a glacier from up close.


It’s just like that second icy planet from the movie, crazy to think about and look back to.


It’s hard to get a feel for the size of things but let me tell you, each of these is quite big in comparison to us.


Interesting shapes as well, almost like the noses of old battle ships.


After the walk around the glacier above, we decided to explore the infamous plane wreck site at Sólheimasandur black beach.


Driving there takes you through what I can describe as one of the flattest open areas I’ve ever seen — a sea of black dirt / gravel stretching 15km in every direction.


Technically you could only reach the plane with a 4×4 using the dirt roads, though we (and the guy in the car below, obviously) decided to risk it anyway… well worth it.


Doesn’t look very abandoned / Interstellar-esque in this shot, but it was certainly a sight to see!


Those are not bullet holes, don’t worry.


Apparently it’s a US plane that crashed in the early 70s due to a pilot’s error. Everyone survived, luckily.


Now it’s a metal carcass for tourists to scribble their names on.


The stripped insides.


Even the cockpit was gutted.


Climbing on top of it revealed a spectacular view… I don’t what it is, but there’s something about that photo that draws me in. It’s almost like we can take off any second now…


One final look of the wreckage before we head off… back to reality..


More Iceland to come soon… in the mean time, thoughts are always appreciated!


  • There is magic in the pictures on this page. Powerful, mysterious, live, fully charged with inspiration, feeling… Great work.

  • I wouldn’t call myself a traveler, but I love seeing new places, trying new cuisines, learning languages, learning about the culture firsthand from the local people. I have been very fortunate to receive scholarship for my education in Japan last year and now in the United States. My studies prevent me from traveling much, but I am saving up so that whenever I get holidays I can travel to more places. Currently, planning on visiting Mexico. 🙂

    Iceland, New Zealand, Italy, Chile and certain parts of India are my dream destinations. I am dying to go to Iceland after this post of yours.

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