no rest for the wicked

Last Sunday around 5pm I had a choice — sit around and chill for the rest of the evening (no previous plans) or drive for an hour to visit my uncle, keeping in mind that I had to be back very early the the next morning which meant yet again not getting enough sleep. It had been a long week and option one seemed very tempting, but I figured he’d enjoy the company so option two it was. Purely out of instinct I took my camera (though I’d driven and taken photos around it many times — examples here and here), and boy did I feel thankful for that the next day.

Near sundown I pulled over and started taking some shots as the sun was just perfect. The peak you see at the back is where these funny photos were taken, btw.


The peak (Svishti Plaz) from up close.


The Balkan range had taken on a lovely reddish orange color… too bad I can’t climb for another couple of months at least :/


There’s just something about fields that attracts me…


Last rays of sun.


Last shot and off I went. I was already feeling better about having taken my camera, without even realizing what would come the following morning 🙂


I had plenty of things to do the next day and still had to drive another hour, hour and a half at least so I got up around 6.30am and started back. Not 10 minutes into the drive I reached this hilltop where one could see the entire valley from — and that’s when I saw it.


The sun was slowly inching its way over the mountain and spreading sunlight over the still misty morning valley.


October mornings at their finest.


The scene was almost movie-like, so beautiful.


The valley had taken on an orange glow.


The sunlight hadn’t yet reached the next valley on the other side of the hill I was standing on, it was still making its day down.


The morning mist makes for some great shots.


One last look back to where the sun was already pouring light over the cloud/mist cover before I drove off with a smile on my face 🙂


So yes, sometimes you should sacrifice some sleep and rest in order to get those wicked shots 😉


19 thoughts

  1. Понякога ми се струва, че само в България има така една скрита магия която от време на време се разкрива…е поне за мен си е така 🙂
    Благодаря, че сте я хванали на снимка.

  2. I am particularly drawn to the power lines. Such a nice composure, draws the eye out. Well done on them all. I still would love to know how you choose your tunes. They’re part of the allure of your blog posts.

    PS — Why two more months to climb? Injury?

    • Thank you, Shannon! How i pick the tunes is an excellent question — sometimes it’s just a song that I’ve heard while on that particular trip or location (like the Iceland photos), others it’s a tune that’s been stuck in my head for some time. In general, I do try to have a connection between images and songs (at least in my head) because that makes for a better post. Often times though that’s not easy and takes time; there are plenty of songs that I’d love to put on the blog, but I can’t find images to match them unfortunately. Does that answer your question?

      As for the no climbing thing — yes, I have a pretty nasty knee injury so I’m out of most sports for a few months. Should be fine though, just need to take it easy.

      • I am so active, I think a knee injury would undo me. Hoping for a complete and speedy recovery.

        Thanks for the explanation on the music. Methinks I will work a song into my next post for funsies. I will let you know how it works out!

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