i wanna touch the northern lights

Jaymes Young – Northern Lights

When we were considering the trip to Iceland I looked into when’s the best time to see the Northern Lights, but my research showed August wasn’t really it. We decided to go anyway because there’s plenty else you can see & do and that we’d come back another time just for this. After touching down and being rained on for the majority of the first couple of days we’d basically given up hope we were going to see the Aurora. And like it often does in life, just when you least expect it something amazing happened — the sky cleared up, the sun broke through and we spent the latter part of the third day roaming around as much as possible.

After the long day, we’d found a camp site to stay for our last night and being extremely tired we were about to give in around 10pm when someone had the brilliant idea of driving another 10-15km to the nearest (and semi-hidden) thermal pool spot that wasn’t in the guidebook so we can enjoy it for the last time. This is us relaxing in the tub…


And then all of a sudden the sky started turning faintly green and my buddy and I could not believe what was happening! We jumped out of excitement and immediately ran of the cameras πŸ˜‰


The lights started getting stronger and stronger and sometimes took a purple-ish tint that made them even more beautiful.


It’s hard to describe in words really what a spectacle of nature this is, the way the light literally dances across the sky. Look up some videos, though seeing it in person is a completely different experience.


After a few shots we actually sat down and just chilled in the tub looking at the sky… I wanted to remember it not just by seeing it through my camera.


The Aurora started getting weaker and we headed back at the camp site thinking this was it, but luckily nature had something more in store for us with another burst of light.


The change of location provided for some exciting shots with the clouds.


All in all, we probably spent close to 1.5hrs looking up — what a sight! I cannot wait to see them again πŸ˜‰


The next day they told us these had been some of the brightest lights in the past few months. So yes, sometimes you need a bit of luck — but you also make your own, like we did by deciding to go the extra mile that day instead of going to sleep like many others around us in the camp site who’d missed it. So I urge you, take a chance and do something crazy because you never know what might happen πŸ™‚


  • Nice touch with the song, really sets the tone for the post! Also, congratulations on seeing the lights, that’s on my to-do list as well (cool pictures πŸ˜‰ )

  • The northern lights | beback.bg
  • Your photo blog is one of the coolest I’ve seen in a while. I was lucky enough to see the Northern Lights too. My one regret is not having good camera skills (my camera was fine!) and only managed to capture one single photo with the lights in the background. But seeing the lights in person, the variations and changing, mystic colours – unforgettable. Going through your Iceland post(s), photo by photo, let me re-live it all. The soundtrack makes it even better! Understand that you don’t want to go pro, but if you ever wanted to, you could, because your photos – framing and mood-capturing – are excellent.

    Before, I re-lived it all through the Secret Life of Walter Mitty movie. Now, there’s your blog. So – A heartfelt thank you.

      • No but we just booked our tickets to go at the end of March. Your photos of iceland tipped us over! Would you recommend a 4WD? and would GPS do or we really should get a good map? Planning to drive all along the south.

        • I’m glad the post tipped the scales πŸ˜‰ I’d say it really depends on how much time you have — if it’s just for a few days (aka around a week or less) then you’re likely to stick to the main roads and go to the tourist attractions, in which case you won’t really need a 4WD or a GPS. But if you have time, I’d say definitely do it and go inland where you get some amazing nature scenery. A GPS might be recommended at that point, though I think most 4×4 you rent already offer it as part of the package. Does that help?

          • Thanks – That helps. We’ll factor that into our planning. We’re still sorting through what are the must see stops. To travel all the way from Australia, we’re always trying to make sure we squeeze everything we want to see in.

  • Great photos. One of my bucketlist items is to see the Northern Lights – an expensive venture considering I live in Australia, but I’ll get there soon.

    • Indeed, that will be a bit of a trip for you. On the bright side, there’s so many bucket list items in your part of the world — take advantage of them! I’ve been meaning to come back to Australia and spend more time…

  • This views have been a long dream of mine. I need to go to Iceland and experience them myself.

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