chasing storms

Rogue Wave – Lake Michigan

May happens to be my favorite month of the year to travel around Bulgaria — it’s not cold anymore and you can finally enjoy the sun in shorts and a t-shirt, but at the same time temperatures are low enough to have those beautiful & crisp mornings, amazing sunsets and a view that stretches miles and miles away. May is also probably the month with highest number of storms, especially this year when it was basically raining more than half the time. That’s not to everyone’s liking, but storms provide some of the most exciting light conditions a photographer could ask for so I often just jump in my car on a weekend and start driving around looking for those ominous clouds… I got lucky a couple of weeks ago 😉

A thunderstorm about to be unleashed in northern Bulgaria.


The swaying fields of barley were beautiful and quite fun to walk through… I know, the photos are quite similar, but I couldn’t decide which one I liked better 😉


A quick change of location and yet another dark grey cloud is approaching me. Thankfully my car wasn’t too far away since it started raining just as I was taking this shot and 30 seconds later it turned into hail.


Yet another reason why I enjoy this time of year — the sky takes some of the most incredible colors!


Things started calming down and I could see at least 50km out to the Balkan range.


I small village nestled at the foot of some pretty cool rocks… mental note to go back 🙂


The all too familiar rapeseed fields seemed even more yellow in contrast to the cool background.


On the road.


The clouds are never too far behind.


Another small village I decided to venture into.


I bet those guys were enjoying the lush green pastures that the rain provides…


Though their expression didn’t quite show the excitement I was hoping for 😉


This buddy was basically roaming the streets undisturbed since it had just stopped raining.


If nothing else, at least you can hide from the rain inside I guess.. though not in a thunderstorm 😉


The bales of hay amidst the green field make for a cool shot.


I love it when trees engulf the road.


Another detour that takes me 20km off the main road, but provides for some great shots… turned out the road leads to a military base where the guards weren’t too happy about me being there and having a big camera 😉


The reason for all the clouds?! 😉



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