crazy adrenaline sunday

My buddy Chris and I luckily both ended up being in Bulgaria around the same time (doesn’t happen that often nowadays) which always warrants some craziness. So naturally we decided to take advantage of the beautiful weather last weekend and do an insane adrenaline Sunday — skydiving and bungee jumping in one day 😀 We needed a couple of accomplices and the stage was set 😉

Chris looking surprisingly sharp 😉


They say skydiving is dangerous… but it’s always oh so fun to see it written out on your jump suit 🙂




Nervous laughter to calm the nerves 😉


Pre-flight check… once you’re in the plane, there’s only one way out 😉


Believe it or not, this thing’s actually still in service!


Though this is the one we used… smaller, but more comfy 😉


The sound of the propeller really gets your blood going 🙂




Chris looking like a sack of potatoes on his second jump… he almost hit our car while trying to avoid colliding with the fence that surround the landing zone. Close call, a bit nerve-wracking to watch, but he pulled through nicely.


Tandem jumpers happy to be on the ground 😀


First time is always crazy… well, so is every other time, but you do remember your first 😉


Certificate time!


On the way to the bungee zone, already well into the afternoon, we stumbled upon this gorgeously yellow rapeseed field…


With the sun already lower on the horizon, the light was perfect for some portraits. Even Chris looks like a stud in this one, imagine how great the conditions were 😉


The casual side glance shot… a must 😉




No idea what we were doing here, but I love this one.


Profile picture material! 🙂


What an afternoon, I wish we had more time to actually walk through the field… nevertheless, amazing find this place 🙂 And we still had the bungee to look forward to 😉


Which ended up being more like a rope swing into a cave… nevertheless, SO much fun 😀


The end (almost) to this crazy Sunday… after watching the beautiful sunset from atop the cave which we’d just jumped into, we headed towards my favorite town in Bulgaria — Apriltsi — where we met up with some friends.


This is what we were greeted with the following morning… not a bad start of the week 😉 Sorry for the quality, it was taken with my smartphone, but it should give you a sense of why I love this place so much 🙂



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  1. So I’m not sure if you’ve ever seen a Bollywood (Indian) film – but I swear so many of them have filmed in the field of flowers. The guy running towards the girl as her hair is blown in the wind…music playing in the background…and when he gets to her, they hug and the sheer force of his passion for her makes them fall into the field of yellow flowers. AHH yes. I now know where they do this…BULGARIA BOLLYWOOD FIELD!

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