run boy run

My awesome Adidas sneakers have faithfully carried me through rain and shine, sleet and snow over 6 continents and more than 20 countries in the past 5 years! As much I didn’t want to admit it, it was time to throw them out but it really didn’t feel right to just leave them somewhere by the dumpster back home… so I found a fitting way to end it on a high — leave them in Africa after our last big adventure together 😀

I was looking for a way to pay tribute to them and thought that a separate post with some cool music is as good as it gets 😉 I just hope I’ll be able to find a new pair that is just as great 🙂



10 thoughts

  1. I hope you didn’t leave them on the street though. 😛 You should have tied them together and put on a tree that is already decorated with shoes. If there is any there. Is this making sense?

      • Awww poor things.. But when i think about it, if I saw a good pair of shoes on the tree, well…… 😀

        Yeah I get a lot of ideas lately, less negativity in my mind, more ideas comes to light! Uncluttering! 🙂

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