stop and see the world

Every now and then I get the chance to shoot these interesting concerts for little kids called Pillows. Naturally it’s a mad house in there, but I genuinely look forward to it each time because it’s so refreshing to see the toddlers and youngsters interact with the world. Do you remember what it is like to have this innocent, less cynical perspective of everything around you? When anything (and I literally mean ANYTHING) can be turned into an amazingly fun time? When your dad was the toughest man on Earth and mom was a superhero? When your biggest concern probably was how to maximize play hours? Those were some days!

Just to be clear, I’m not saying I don’t like where I am in life right now, but at the same time I can’t help but look back and for a moment and wish I was a kid again, even just for a few days. Don’t you? 😉

Btw, I’ve been photographing these concerts and kids in general for a while now, but for some reason I’m really really happy with how the portraits turned out this time. Here’s a few 🙂












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