you say you want a revolution

This is what’s been happening in Sofia (and around the country) for the past few days. But unlike previous protests I’ve been involved with, these are different. Because the people are different. They are our parents, our kids, our friends, our loved ones. They are business owners, artists, teachers, retailers, drivers, bloggers, doctors, students, lawyers, retirees, waiters. Тhey are the average Joe’s you meet on the street. They are you and me.

But they are also smart; they are educated; they know what’s wrong and they’ve had enough. With corrupt politicians, with people devoid of morale, with the government, with this democratic façade, with being treated like lesser, second-hand people who will silently accept the status quo.

So now they’re out on the streets every night, standing for what they believe and what they care for. Standing for what’s right. Peacefully. Drawing the line and saying “This is it, no more compromise”. And I’m proud to walk beside them.

It is time we changed this place. Come walk with us.


“…и така бавно, полека народът порастна с няколко века.”
Иван Вазов




  • bravo, ice! 🙂 Iskam i az da protestiram… ako mojeh, bih. no za smetka na tova, mama e tam vsqka vecher sled rabota.

    • Е, ти си мааалко далеч 😉 Но поне пращаш майка си, браво! Разпространи и до други хора…

  • да не повярва човек, че една година скоро ще стане…не е повод за радост, но до известна степен повод за гордост, защото толкова много енергия отиде, много.

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