i know a place where no cars go

Arcade Fire – No Cars Go

Going up to the Aiguille du Midi is truly a remarkable experience! Seen from down below in the valley, the 3,842m peak (which literally translates to “Needle of the South”) is a sight to behold 🙂


Below you will find the individual photos as well because they are worth seeing, This one almost makes it seem like it’s a floating kingdom in the clouds, I got lucky with the timing 😉


The cable car takes you from the 1,035m in the valley (in Chamonix) to the 3,842m at the top and it is a ride you will not easily forget 😉 If you look closely, you can spot the red-colored cable car right below the Needle in the following photo.


Once you’re there, the magnificent views begin!


That’s Chamonix down at the bottom of the valley..


All of those are over 3,500m high, some even over 4,000…


Auguille du Midi is a starting point for many mountaineers who want to climb Mont Blanc. Often you spend a whole day or two at this altitude to get acclimated.


For safety reasons (and because there isn’t much room sometimes), you walk in a single line and everybody is attached with a rope to the rest of the group. I just love this shot…


The cracks in the ice that has been there for ages are exciting and terrifying to observe at the same time 😉


We could see a base camp far down below us that climbers use either to take on Mont Blanc or just to do some climbing in the area.


Just for perspective, below you can see the same camp to the left side of the shot with the majestic Mont Blanc in the background standing at 4,810m…


The area is essentially climbers’ heaven 🙂


I can’t think of a better ending than just saying “go there!!” 😉

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