lac blanc


I just love the four layers of this shot 🙂 The bluish-green/turquoise color of Lac Blanc (named after the infamous peak, naturally) is some sight early in the morning… it just beckons you to dive in after walking for a few hours up to it. The spectacular reflections of the opposing 3,500+ meter peaks (Mont Blanc, standing at 4,810 meters, is the one furthest to the right) were gone 10 mins later when the wind picked up. Lucky us.

I was tempted to try a dive from this ledge, but it seemed too crazy even for my standards 😉 This is the second and larger part of the lake that is further away from Mont Blanc.

I stood at this rock and enjoyed the view for a good thirty minutes…

In about an hour or so, the place was crawling with people, as expected.

A final peek at the bigger back part of the lake with some interesting looking peaks in the background before heading down.



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