faces of the matterhorn

Dirty Vegas – Days Go By

What an incredible view the Matterhorn is! Out of the 4 days we were in Zermatt and the surrounding area, we only saw the unmistakable shape of the peak for a few precious hours. The other times it was covered in clouds and we were left waiting for the moment the weather would be kind enough to reveal it to us. But boy, were those moments worth it!

Just to be clear, I haven’t climbed it as it requires technical skill way beyond my capabilities (not to mention a certain level of insanity and lack of self-preservation instinct, but let’s say those are more achievable than the rest ;)). I did get to the Hörnlihütte, which is right at its base (at 3,260m with the peak standing at 4,478m), but once again the weather failed me and I didn’t get a glimpse of the peak from up close – temperatures dropped below zero and it literally snowed. In August. You can actually see how in the last picture (personal favorite) it’s whiter than in the other ones…

I’m putting up the individual photos so you can enjoy it in all its stunning beauty 😉


10.30pm (long exposure):




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