Some shots from our trip around Cambodia & Thailand of monks that we met. We made some unexpected revelations about those guys who we’ve always found interesting and shrouded in a bit of mystery. I, for one, didn’t know that they were allowed to use cell phones…

… or pose for pictures with tourists, like these guys were near the Angkor Wat temple.

This monk was actually part of a documentary film being shot. He was hired to walk around the ruins of Ta Prohm temple (which is spectacular, btw, I should upload some shots one of these days).

It was actually impressive how this one could so peacefully be taking a nap on the ferry while crossing the Chao Phraya river in Bangkok despite the loud noise from the engine.

Some incredibly realistic statuettes, almost to the point of being creepy.



  • This thing with cell phones was surprising for me too. I also saw a lot of monks travelling in Vietnam, staying in expensive hotels, even at one water puppet show there were group of monks sitting at the row in front of me. They were taking pictures all the time and sharing them in the social media. This behaviour is kind of a mystery for me as I haven’t imagined that monks live such a modern life.

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