atlas (un)shrugged

The Atlas mountains in Morocco are this vast, parched, seemingly impenetrable wall that stands between any avid traveler looking to reach the Sahara desert from the coastal areas. It’s a long and winding journey that takes you up and down through alternating deep valleys, high snow-capped peaks, and small Berber villages, revealing some unexpected beauty in the otherwise barren landscape.

As a side note, the Coldplay song has nothing to do with Morocco, per se. It was just that after hours and hours of intense Arabic rhythms that were blasting from the radio along the crazy turns (making the journey even more.. hm, let’s say exciting and culturally-revealing), it came on just as we hit this plateau (last shot) and made all of us in the car just jump up and even sing in excitement. It was a great moment, let me tell you 🙂










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