sin city

Bangkok IS sin city on earth, believe me… it’s uncanny how crazy this place can get at night. We were offered pin-pong shows (look it up) and happy ending massages on every corner! From the thousands of alcohol-and-party hungry tourists, through the street-booze vendors to the crowded striptease/gay bar streets, this city is an experience. Not necessarily one that you’d wanna prolong, but certainly interesting to do at least once.













  • Great pics, I especially like the picture with the guy sleeping next to the bottles. Makes memories coming up of my Bangkok trip, did you also meet some Tuk Tuk drivers who absolutely wanted to drag you to these clothing shops? Bangkok is definitely an odd experience, but worth it in my opinion. Cheers:)

    • Haha, that one’s my favorite too πŸ™‚ Tuk-Tuk drivers are in a category of their own, we largely ignored them as we knew nothing good would come of it. Hopefully you didn’t go to these ‘clothing shops’ either? πŸ˜‰

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