phi phi

Synkro and Indigo – Guidance

 One night while sitting at one of the many beach bars in Phi Phi, it occurred to me that I could try to capture the night scenery by going deeper into the bay without getting my camera wet as the incoming tide was not yet high enough. My travel buddies, unaccustomed to my weird departures for long-exposure night shots, looked at me puzzled as I mounted my tripod and started marching into the sea. A 100-150 meters in, away from the noise and the lights on the beach, standing literally chest-deep in the rising waters, I was rewarded with this beautiful scenery.

The green mist is actually reflections off the low-hanging clouds by the lights of the resorts on the other side. It’s very hard to discern, but the greyish-white clouds were in fact a thunderstorm going on at the back, adding to the spectacle of colors.

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