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So it appears that my dad and I did the exact same trip and climbed Triglav peak in the Julian Alps 25 years apart… the comparison between the photos we both took is quite interesting. Please note I had not seen his shots until I had come back from the Alps.

It’s a funny thing, heredity. Thank you, dad, for letting me follow in your footsteps.
Not a lot has changed for the Aljazev Dom hut, 25 years apart. Behind it is the impressive and equally daunting face of Triglav — over a 1000m fall from the top.

The giant carabiner monument to all climbers who have fallen in the mountains.

A small hut on the way up. Even snow patches are similar!

At the top of Triglav. One could easily tell I’m my father’s son — the posture, the expression, even the hand positioning! Absolutely crazy and humbling at the same time.


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