Magnet – Dancing in the Moonlight

walking around prague at night…

November, 2010


  • не съм се усъмнила и за миг.
    освен това госпожица 85 е най-голямата муза, която може да срещнеш. 🙂

  • Dude,

    I don’t know how you managed to find a spot with nobody on the bridge. It was so packed when I was there…

    Very nice pics, I especially like the 6th!

    With the time passing, I really like shooting in B&W, I think it changes the entire set up…

    Thanks for sharing anyway!

    • It was a really, really, REALLY cold (and misty) November night past 12am… I think that explains the lack of other crazy individuals 😉 Also, that was a long-exposure shot so people only seemed like shadows.

      You’re right about B&W, some shots are just made for it (like 6 & 7 above). Thanks for your thoughts 🙂

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