you must be somewhere in london

December, 2009


  • You must be loving your life in the rain…

    The song wasn’t actually written for England. Nevertheless, it fits so well

  • Really, it wasn’t? I had no clue… what was the idea behind it then? In any case, you’re right – it does fit quite nicely.

    ps. Lyles as in Vanderlyle?

  • According to Matt Berninger, it’s a metaphor for Wisconsin…

    Yes, Lyles as in Vanderlyle

  • Or he might have just been fooling around

    “And they introduced England and said it was a song about France. I liked the joke about it being a metaphor for Wisconsin the night before.”

    ps. Btw, you have a great taste in music, Vanderlyle.

  • Oh well, that’s Matt 🙂 Honest mistake. Or rather, an attempt to converse.

    Why thank you. You have great photos and music as well. Sways passed that on me, and Teddyz shared your blog. Although, I don’t think it’s that great, my taste that is.

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