the little things that matter

Faithless – Music Matters

‘for all those who stood up and were counted
for all those for whom money was no motive
for all those for whom music was a message
i want to thank you

for making me
a little more sure
a little more wise
and courageous

you told me to look much further
you told me to walk much more
you told me that music matters
and to chase the dogs back from my door

i won’t stop here
i won’t be still until the sun sets
on us all..’

Thank you for a wonderful weekend, guys.

Somewhere along the coast, Bulgaria
August, 2010

One comment

  • wow! This pic causes quite a controversial emotional spur! On one hand I feel hopeful and empowered to see seeds of Bonnie n Clyde in others. On the other, however, I have nurtured this feeling for so long I have become posessive of it. Some untamed honesty here on my behalf! Anyways, just wanted to say the picture is great!

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