lower your eyelids and go to the sun

  So I went skydiving again this past weekend with my buddy Chris (always fun, bro!) and realized there are few things that make me as happy as that feeling of complete freedom you get in midair… kinda wish I was more like these guys. Note to self: somehow find a way to jump with …

in the sea will i wash

  And when the stone walls with their secrets of journey and battle excite my heart, I will be inspired. I will be inspired to run and breathe on my own quest, on my own quest for new breath, for cold air, for hope, and wings.      

wish i’d known

An brilliant interview with this incredible man. I could listen to him day and night. Please don’t be discouraged by the length of it, it is worth every minute spent not doing anything else – it’s that good. Thanks, Beni.    

the eiger

My bud Chris and I will be doing some climbing around this area next summer and we use this video for inspiration. Not that we’ll try anything remotely as crazy as the North Face seen here, but a trip to the Mushroom is a must. Can’t wait, it’s going to be epic.