chasing the sun

From sunrise… ‘…it all started with a stumble and i get old and i get humble the sky cracked a million ways making me blind…’ Black Sea Coast, Bulgaria September 19, 2010 * * * … till sundown ‘my mind is in a state but all i need to do is change my pace and …

all the beauty that surrounds

‘i’ll keep it all alight when there’s nobody out there make sure you find the way when you feel you’re nowhere i’ll keep it all alight’ (music: Marcus Schossow with Andy Duguid Feat. Emma Hewitt – Light) This one isn’t even mine, but it is so beautiful I couldn’t resist. Photography by: Nikola Borissov

boys of summer

Phillip Island, Melbourne, Australia March, 2010 ‘nobody on the road, nobody on the beach i feel it in the air, the summer’s out of reach … after the boys of summer have gone’ (music: Don Henley – The Boys Of Summer)

lost inside a dream

Koral beach, near Lozenetz, Bulgaria August, 2008 ‘… thinking that I’m about to fall and I can’t control it, am I getting closer to the perfect moment? …’ (music: Thoneick, Diaz & Young Rebels feat. Cozi – Perfect Moment)